Ocean Breeze vital caviar serum is suitable for both face and neck
Extra-firming the skin anti-wrinkle rejuvenating the face and neck by just one bottle
Frontier Technology
The instant extrusion activation pump bottle releases each drop of serum to renew life for the upmost new life to skin accessing
World leading hyaluronic acid molecular parsing technique’s extraction and fusion of three layered hyaluronic acid essences at the molecular level deep refining extract is absorbed deep into the skin
Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid
The size if molecular is 1,000-50,000 Daltons 
It acts directly on the underlying muscle 
Resisting inflammation
 Activate skin collagen
Repair skin cells
The “Heart Of the ocean”
Derived from the pure waters of the Antarctic
The “Heart Of the ocean” Golden Caviar
Exclusive access to premium raw materials
Authentic Australian Brand
WONDERFUL CAPITAL BIOTECHNOLOGY GROUP is a member of Marine Bio-products& Biotechnology cooperative research Centre (MBB-CRC) the research and development team includes world leading professors, pharmacists and registered doctors within the Australian medical field fully produced and manufactured in Australia
Medium Molecular Hyaluronic Acid
The size if molecular is 50,000-1,000,000 Daltons
It acts on the stratum corneum
Accelerate the metabolism
Lift up and firm skin
Safety Excellence
The surface serum keeps your skin moisturised and hydrate strengthen cuticle metabolism to lift and firm skin via deep collage activation
Three Secret Keys Unlock Miracle
Vertebrates have three hyaluronic acid synthases:HAS1 HAS2 HAS3 which synthesize hyaluronic acid with membrane proteins
Ocean Breeze Australia uses the world’s leading cutting-edge biotechnology precise extraction and core extract of deep-sea golden caviar 
Perfect balancing and recombinant the three kinds of essence contributes to the outstanding effect
High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid
Extraction polymer hyaluronic acid components from caviar
The size if molecular is 1.8-2.2 million Daltons
Film the skin surface
Protect the skin from external injury
Lock moisture
Naturally moisturizing

The choice of elegance